Keaorri Alampi
Zell Wilson 
Caden Cannon (FAMU)
Kendall Jackson (Howard University)
Greg Odom, Jr. (Howard University)
Marcus Smith, Jr. (Howard University)
Mulbe Dillard, IV

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 JPGA Scholarship recipients that received their checks at our
Inaugural tournament in collaboration with Illinois Junior Golf Association on 7/10/23!!!
(Left) Keaorri Alampi (caddy) will be attending Western Illinois University majoring in Psychology
(Right) Zell Wilson (golfer) will be attending University of Detroit Mercy majoring in Architecture.

JPGA 2022 Scholars

Winter Perkins

One of my main career objectives is to become a software engineer for a big company. I really enjoy coding and working with a FANG company would be a dream. Later in life, I would love to become a white-collar hacker for the FBI and break into cybersecurity.

Advice I would give a child interested in playing golf is to take the game slowly. You are not going to become Tiger Woods overnight. Putting a lot of pressure on yourself will cause you not to enjoy the game anymore.

As for advice for a starting caddy, I would tell them to get to know their golfer or whoever the regulars are because it will make their tasks way easier


Ahmad Raoul

My dream foursome for a great round would be Ted Rhodes, Charlie Sifford, and Lee Elder. I chose these three black golf pioneers because these are the three people who paved the path for African American golfers, Tiger Woods, Cameron Champ, Harold Varner, Joseph Bramlett, all the APGA Tour pros, and me to be able to achieve our golf goals.

My plan to impact and grow the game of golf is to expose the game to neighborhoods and communities around the country and world who are less fortunate and can benefit from learning this game. I want to also bring more diversity to the game by introducing more African Americans to the game at young ages. I led a golf clinic in Arkansas in 2019 and one of those children is now ranked number two in the state. He loves golf and I’m thankful I motivated him to play golf.

I’m thankful I will play golf for Winston-Salem State University and study Computer Science in the fall. Ultimately, I want to play on the PGA Tour.


Tyler Thomas

I want to work hard and if God allows it, I want to go to the PGA Tour. I not only want to play on tour, but I want to use the money that I gain to create charities and foundations for children who are less fortunate. I want to give children the opportunity to be exposed to golf and other ventures that they normally wouldn’t be exposed to.

I believe that it is the responsibility of those in better circumstances to pour into those in less fortunate situations in order to create a cycle of growth.


Ian Davis

Ian Davis

My most memorable golf experience included awaking at 3am Scotland time to go stand in line to secure a Tee Time on the Old Course. Yes, St. Andrews! We landed the day before I was to compete in the European Junior World Golf Championship (May 2017). My Dad and I were simply minding our business and trying to stay awake after a long flight from the US to overhear the whispers that #44 is to play this morning. At first, we weren’t quite sure who #44 was, but imagine the excitement when President Obama’s Pre-Security Team began arriving.

Men and women in black communicating with their ear and wrist devices darting all around securing the area. The air was electric with anticipation of getting a glimpse at President Obama. I remember exactly where I was upon his arrival. I was putting when he walked towards the putting green and next thing, I knew I was shaking his hand.

President Obama asked, “what is my name?” and I couldn’t remember. Seriously though, it was a chance encounter to observe a fellow lefty warming up to play The Old Course. Luckily, my foursome, teed off 2 groups after so I was able to see him throughout the round. Personally, I had the low round in my group of even Par from the Tips!

I will attend Florida A&M University (FAMU), majoring in English and playing on the golf team. FAMU sits in the SWAC and my goals are to continue to help FAMU golf achieve number 1 HBCU ranking and personally to obtain number 1 ranking as a player and Dean’s List.

JPGA 2021 Scholars


As a member of the First Tee of Greater Chicago and PGA Jr League, my favorite core value  is perseverance.Advice I would give a child interested in golf is stay patient and keep pushing through the tough times.

Computers and technology play a big role in our lives today and are an interest of mine. For the past four years, I have been actively involved in the Black Data Processing Association (BDPA), an organization that focuses on exposing minority students to computers, networking, data processing and web page development.

Learning about how computers operate and what you can do with them sparked my creativity. Through the different computer languages, I have learned to create programs, and how to solve problems. This past summer, I was recruited by my Chicago Chapter to participate in the high school competition team in New Orleans competing against other BDPA chapters from all over the U.S.

I’ve been able to learn a great deal of information about the technology field and I plan to major in cybersecurity at Howard University and pursue it as a career.

Golf isn’t easy, it teaches you a lot about yourself and you meet a lot of people that can change your life and influence you to be better.

But no matter how difficult, I don’t forget to have fun!


When I go to the University of Tulsa, which has an extremely good cybersecurity program, I plan to study computer science so I can learn coding and get internships to help me get more experience for the  workforce.

I plan on getting my masters in my fifth year and it is likely I will get a job with a government agency such as the CIA or NSA. I will probably work for one of those companies for around 5-10 years and during those years I will most likely start working on starting my own tech company.

Owning my own company is something that I’ve always wanted to do. I don’t know what I want to do specifically I just know I want it to be in the tech realm and I want it to help people. I like innovators in technology that help better the world for future generations and that’s how I want to be remembered.
My dad influenced me to become a caddy after my golf instructor at First Tee told him about caddying. At first, I didn’t want to because I thought I wouldn’t like it, especially since I didn’t have much job experience and carrying golfs bags seemed like it would be extremely boring and not fun.

But luckily, he persisted and I’m glad because I learned a lot and met great people while caddying at Jackson Park.

Caddying was a decent source of exercise and money!

JPGA 2021 Pro Sponsorships


Mulbe Dillard IV is making his dream a reality and JPGA is proud to support him in his efforts!

“My ultimate goal is to get to the PGA Tour. My dream ever since I was a little kid was to play professional golf.”

Mulbe’s parents planted the seed and exposed him to opportunities and settings that allowed him to bloom.

“My goal is to be able to play golf for as long as I possibly can.”

Mulbe has been playing in golf tournaments since age 5; competed in Illinois Junior Golf Association tournaments; won the Chicago Public High School City Championship while at Whitney Young; played for Florida A&M University; ranked No. 1 minority collegiate golfer in the nation; and playing on the Advocates Professional Golf Association (APGA) Tour.


For the second year, we are sponsoring aspiring golfer, DeVaughn Mathus, to play at the TPC Deere Run in Silvis, IL hosted by the APGA Tour.  He is currently the Pro at University Park Golf Club, in University Park, IL.

The Jackson Park Golf Association extends a warm thank you to THE CHICAGO COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, the countless golfers that play in our Annual Invitational, and sponsors for your continued support. Our efforts to provide more opportunities for youth and young adults happens because of YOU!

Thank you!

Caddying was a decent source of exercise and money!




A graduate of Walter Payton College Preparatory High School with a 4.8 GPA, she will be attending Howard University to pursue a degree in Political Science with a concentration in Black Politics in addition to advancing her golf skills as a member of Howard University’s Golf team. 

Raquel’s amazing skills as a junior golfer have been well documented! She not only was a standout member of Walter Payton’s girl’s golf team, but she competed and was victorious in numerous local tournaments. 

“As a Black female golfer, my space in the golf world is important and representative of what is possible with perseverance and determination,” stated Simpson. She went on to say,”…..I believe that in order to be successful in the game of golf, you have to be willing to be humble, patient, and accept help from others.”


A graduate of Kenwood Academy, Mathis will be attending Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with a major in Finance. 

We celebrate Mathis for being one of the outstanding caddies at Jackson Park Golf Course.  He never picked up a golf club or thought about playing the game but when the opportunity arose to be a caddy at Jackson Park, he jumped at the chance.

“Being a young Black male who grew up watching and playing physical sports, I always thought that golf was a sport for rich men and that I would never play the sport. A door opened up for me to become a caddie.”  

“At first I questioned the opportunity because at the time I had never played or even seen a whole round of golf. However, as time went by and as I learned the game of golf, I’ve realized that golfing has many life lessons, including being patient. I would definitely tell someone who looks like me and wants to play golf or become a caddie to be open minded about it and to never count yourself out.”