The Women’s Jackson Park Golf Club was chartered in 1921 as a private women’s golf club playing Jackson Park Golf Course.

The original members consisted of a group of elite wealthy women who were looking to play golf and play Bridge daily, while their husbands were away. It was not until the early 1970s, that nine black women, members of the Chicago Golf Club, were invited to join the Women’s Jackson Park Golf Club. As a club, members played daily but did not participate in tournament play; instead, members engaged in a “fierce” competition every Wednesday. A tradition that continues today!

The Women’s Jackson Park Golf Club has remained a private club, increasing its membership through invitation only. Today, the Women’s Jackson Park Golf Club members continue to play golf at the Jackson Park Golf Course from May to October. The membership is diverse and consists of both competing and noncompeting members.


Founded in 1937 by three Chicago women, the Chicago Women’s Golf Club set a mission to promote the game of golf for women as a measure to increase diversity and inclusion in the game. 

In 1954, the Chicago Women’s Golf Club established a junior golf program, called the Bob-O-Links. The Bob-O-Links, provides professional golf instruction to boys and girls ages 8-17. This addition to the organization extended the mission of the club to promoting the game of golf among women and children.

The Chicago Women’s Golf Club stands as the second oldest African American golf club in the United States. As a UGA and USGA affiliate, the Chicago Women’s Golf Club has taught thousands of women and children the game of golf!

Today, the Chicago Women’s Golf Club contributes to many charitable organizations as it continues to serve as a change agent in the Chicago community.


The Fairway Network was founded in 1993 by a group of prominent business women who realized that decisions were made on the golf course and ratified in the board rooms. 

Not wanting to be “The Cart Girl” relegated to servicing their colleagues and underlings at corporate outings, these prominent ladies incorporated The Fairway Network as a vehicle to enhance their game.

The Fairway Network became a source of valuable contacts that enhanced their businesses. It is also a vehicle of Community Service raising over $100,000 to support causes and organizations that enhance the lives of Chicago area women. 

The Fairway Network supports leagues at Jackson Park, Robert Black and Eaglewood in Itasca. In addition, we play prominent courses each month such as The Glen Club, Ruffled Feathers, Wilmette Golf Club, Cog Hill, and many others.

We have a passion for golf, community service, and camaraderie. 


South Shore Ladies Golf League was founded in 1995 and offers a unique golf experience for women of all ages and skill levels. 

SSLGL brought ladies together for the fun of the game. The season is May to August with league play every Tuesday at South Shore Golf Course. 

The “Tour”, a separate group within the SSLGL, allows members opportunities to golf every other Thursday at courses around the Chicagoland area. Additionally, achievements and statistics are tracked weekly and recognized at the annual end of season banquet.


The South Shore Men’s Golf League originated in the late 1990s from members of the Jackson Park Golf Association who wanted to play only nine holes.

The league moved their venue to the South Shore Golf Course. The league has flourished for over twenty years because of the participation from several other leagues including Gentlemen of the FairwaysThe $27 GroupThe Champs and men who were playing South Shore every day. 


Ladies on the Green was founded on March 28, 2012 by Erika “Birdie” Shavers. The league is comprised of a diverse group of professional women who enjoy the game of golf. 

The league was established out of a pure desire to bring together women who shared the same passion for the game as its founder. They meet weekly from May to August on Wednesday evenings at South Shore Golf Course. 

We’re a competitive and social league but we have fun, play weekly games and enjoy the camaraderie and friendships that have been established over these five seasons.  


The Ebony Ladies Golf League was organized on March 15, 1974. Fourteen lady golfers from the Chicago, Illinois area organized the league. 

The stated purpose at the time was, “To get together, play golf, compete against each other and have lots of fun”.  Our purpose has grown over the years, beyond the aforementioned, to promoting golfing skills among women, nourishing a competitive spirit, and providing USGA handicap indexes. 

The spirit of the purpose has been exemplified since 1975 at our Annual Jack and Jill Outing, which attracts local golfers and golfers from all over the country. It’s a great time of camaraderie, awesome prizes, and connecting with old and new friends!


The mission of St. Mark Golf Club (a ministry of St. Mark United Methodist Church) is to help people grow in their relationships to God, one another, and the larger community through faith in Jesus Christ, by implementing ministries that make known the Kingdom of God on Earth. 

In 1985, Rev. Dr. Harry B. Gibson, Senior Pastor of St. Mark United Methodist Church in Chicago, who was an avid golfer, and church member Gifford Scruggs, a professional golf instructor, collaborated to organize the St. Mark Golf Club

The club is dedicated to spiritual development and spiritually nurturing activities through the ministry of golf. 


After work league of hardworking men playing either 18-holes at Jackson Park or 9-holes at South Shore golf courses.


The Weekend Warriors Golf Network’s (WWGN) mission is to help eliminate some of the barriers that exist for
new golfers who have an interest in learning the game of golf. At the same time, building friendships with
other golfers and organizations.
WWGN’s goal is to create a community of golfers who will be more informed about opportunities that exist to
meet other golfers and to become aware of golf organizations.
WWGN believes the more knowledge you have around the game of golf, the more fun the game becomes.
WWGN will also provide information about existing resources available for golfers.


JPGA welcomes your organization to join our coalition of Leagues/Clubs that play and support Jackson Park & South Shore Golf Courses!