The Jackson Park Golf Association initiatives form the foundation for training young people in leadership to help them make a difference in their own lives, in their communities, in their country, in their world, and to inspire all involved to be respectable and better citizens. 

Just as pioneers paved a way for the present, it is time for us to carry the baton further.

Intramural League Play

Organized match play tournaments competing where the leagues and clubs compete against each other, using a bracket system, to narrow down to one champion for men and women and youth organizations. Matches will be played at different courses throughout the Chicagoland area and the championship match played at Jackson Park, if available, or alternate course. Weekly competitions are designed to maintain camaraderie, athleticism, and sustainability of the course.

Leagues/Clubs and individuals come together at the end of the summer to compete for the coveted Kings & Queens of the Greens trophy! The Inaugural Tournament was in 2018 and the winners along with pictures from the day can be seen at the link below.

STEAM Summer Camps

A Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) based Summer Camp designed for both golf and non-golf youth.  A safe and engaging environment where youth learn, earn and have fun all day long. Students will be introduced to a structured curriculum centered around each component of STEAM, selection of a STEAM component to create a research project, and an oral presentation of their research topic at the end of the camp. The program will also include a fall/winter indoor practice facility to Introduce, Engage and Train youth in the game and etiquette of golf. Golf is the sport of choice because it teaches countless values (e.g. honesty, patience, and respect, to name a few). 

A partnership with Cousins Empowered Optimist – Chicago has brought coding to the South Shore Cultural Center. Stay tuned for information on classes in the fall of 2019!

Youth-to-Tour Program

The objective of the Youth-to-Tour Program™ is to assist African American youth in acquiring professional golf membership status under either of two designated tracks: 1) Tour Card qualifies the recipient to play in the majors, 2) L/PGA Member/Professional requires the individual undergo the PGA Apprenticeship Program and upon satisfactory completion, the individual is qualified to work in many of the lucrative careers in the golf industry. 

Assistance will be provided in the form of scholarships to be applied to, but not limited, membership fees and tournament costs.

African American Golf Exhibit

We envision a celebration of the African American golfing experience along with our past contributions to the game, most notably contributions that have deep roots in Chicago. We plan on realizing this vision through the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of an African American Golf Exhibit in Jackson Park. The exhibit will serve the community as a beacon of pride designed to:

  • Celebrate the complex and extensive history of the African American golf experience;
  • Inspire current and future golfers about the value, rewards, and benefits of participating in golf;
  • Educate all generations and visitors to the course and nearby Obama Presidential Center of the rich history.

Indoor Practice Facility

The center will be complete with, but not limited to, all of the components of learning labs including an indoor golf practice facility. This will minimize the disadvantages faced by Chicago area golfer’s due to inclement weather most of the year and level the practice playing field with individuals from regions not typically challenged with similar weather-related barriers to year-round golfing.

Pro/Jr/Amateur Tournament

JPGA envisions hosting a major Professional Open Tournament. The initial goal is to attract The Advocate Tour and others like it around the country. The ultimate goal is to have the PGA acknowledge the participation and the winners of our tournament for consideration to participate in the tour, a PGA-sanctioned event.  In addition, we hope to host an annual Senior Pro/Am fundraising tournament. The proceeds from the event will be used to fund our scholarship program, as well as provide financial support to offset fees required for juniors to participate in amateur tournament events.