Chicago first tee participants travel south



Congratulations to The First Tee of Greater Chicago participants!

New Orleans (NOLA) had a wave of competitors from the Chicago-area participate in the annual tournament hosted by The First Tee of New Orleans!

For the majority of Chicago participants, it was their first time competing and visiting this fascinating city filled with a rich history, centuries-old architecture, and scrumptious cuisine.

NOLA was a balmy 81 degrees on Monday, 12/16/19, but by competition day, 12/21/19, the temperature had dropped over 20 degrees!!! Weather was more comparable to Chicago in the fall!

Hopeful The First Tee of Greater Chicago will have the opportunity to participate next year and beyond!

time to act...

Golf Courses

Golf is probably the only sport that epitomizes the symbiotic relationship with nature. It creates “nature sanctuaries!”

Obama Center

What’s been overlooked in the conversation surrounding the Presidential Center’s proposed location in Jackson Park is that the park is in terrible shape.

Obama Center

“Studies are showing that golf courses can actually support a greater diversity and greater number of bird species…” Golf + Nature = Symbioses

Tiger Woods' Park Project...

Teen Scholars on Windy City Live, 5/13/19

Proud of Tim Arrington (red) and Abdel Raoul (blue) receiving scholarships! With their proud Moms!!!

ChiParksGolfAlliance (@ChiGolfAlliance) tweeted at 9:21 AM on Thu, Feb 21, 2019:

In a new, wide-ranging interview w/@MensJournal, @TigerWoods commented upon his evolving approach to the game, giving back through the @TGRFound, and his motivations to “make a positive impact in the community” @ChicagoParks Jackson Park & South Shore.

Tell us why you decided to get involved in the Jackson Park project? ( An affordable, municipal golf course on Chicago’s south side.)

“My TGR Design company is very excited to be involved in this project. This course can be a lot more than just golf. It can make a positive impact in the community too. We’re designing a course that will challenge better players, but will also be fun for beginners and high handicap golfers too. It’s a public course, and to me, that’s important. That’s where I learned to play the game.” -Tiger Woods

"Time to do something really significant" -Tiger Woods

How Tiger Woods’s newest design venture could change the game

JPAC leads tour to show course

Left to Right: Gary Ossewaarde, Edward Kibblewhite, Louise McCurry, State Senator Robert Peters, Craig Bowen, Brian Hogan, Cassandra Curry, Tracy Raoul, Philip Raoul 

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“I hope this course will be more than just golf and also make a positive impact in the community.” -Tiger Woods

Tiger designing muni courses

“It was huge for us to be able to play on a public golf course.”


CPGA Vision for Public Golf

Revitalizing Chicago’s South Side


ABC7 Coverage of Event

Chicago Crusader Article of Event

JPGA Honors Tiger with memento from 1993

Letter to Tiger from JPGA (pdf)